How Urban Environment Impacts our Health

Health conditions associated with air pollution, noise and heat, and lack of physical activity and natural spaces

ObesityDiabetesMetabolic syndromeNuisance, stressSleep disorderInjuries from work and traffic accidentsColon cancerSystemic inflammationWorse general healthIncrease in mortality GENERAL/OTHERS Breast cancer BREAST Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) AsthmaRespiratory diseases PneumoniaLung cancer RESPIRATORY TRACT Myocardial infarctionArrhythmiaHeart congestive failureCardiovascular diseases HEART Premature birth Reduced weight at birth PreclampsiaReduction in sperm quality REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEMAND FETUS DementiaCognitive impairment Neurodegenerative diseases Mental health problemsStrokeCerebrovascular diseasesAutism and child behaviour problemsTinnitus or deafnessReduction of cognitive performance HEAD HypertensionDeep venous thrombosis ARTERIES

Air pollution



Lack of physical activity

Lack of natural spaces